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About us

About us

Antosson Group is a company that started in 2004, based on three main pillars:

– the call center: we took the incoming calls in charge to discharge our customers who trusted us for the management of their office and to answer on their behalf to propose appointments or take messages.

I remember that it had been proposed via an Internet application “the virtual office”, a first in Luxembourg, explains the founder.

– the online secretariat: we have processed thousands of documents in different sectors, whether written letters that our customers send us by voice file, translations to perform or simply encodings to do.
– the on-site secretariat was developed in 2006-2007. With this type of secretariat, we were able to fill the remaining gaps because not everything was done online.

The years 2010-2011 were marked by a slowdown due to illness.

In 2012, we had to question our offer of services, those that worked well also required a lot of work and time (over 18h / day). We decided, after a study, not to offer certain services and to reinforce others.

Since 2012, we have focused on ​​the customer’s on-site secretariat, which is now very efficient.

At the same time, our IT-department continued to work on tailor-made projects at the request of our clients.