Working with Passion is our profession!

"whoever thinks that a professional is expensive, has no idea what an incompetent person can cost him"

Specialized and qualified in administrative & IT-solutions since almost 20 years, we offer companies, industries, ministeries, independents...

Office On Demand

assistant solutions

Our approach has been the same for years. We are the pillar you can lean on to make your life easier. Get in touch with us and we will coordinate all your administrative work processes with you. With well-trained multilingual staff, you will feel great relief too. We feel committed to our customers, because they are the basis of our company. Since the Antosson Group was founded in 2006, it has been our goal to put the needs of our customers at the center of everything we do and to design things in such a way that the customer feels comfortable and enjoys working with us. We implement this philosophy throughout our company. With us you don’t get off-the-shelf goods, but a tailor-made solution for your ideas, made by people for people. Team spirit plays an important role for us so that our customers can rely on what we do.

Hire administrative services rather than hiring staff. Whether with or without vacation/sick leave, we work with you to find a solution that will inspire you, tailored to your workload. You will see that you will get closer to your main goals much more calmly than you initially thought. Well-trained staff Is more important than ever. Thanks to our new application from “in2see” you can not only see who is working when, but you can also pass on important tasks to your assistant, who can then process them. You will be kept up to date on where and when which tasks are due. Don’t leave anything to chance and contact us!

IT Solutions

for all types of software solutions, consultancy, analysis, study, development, implementation

In our IT-department too, we attach great importance to understanding customer requirements before you get started. We take the necessary time to offer you solutions that will accompany you for a lifetime. It is all the more important to have a strong partner at your side who understands you and handles your ideas with confidence. Software developments are often coupled with very long elaboration processes, so it is an advantage to be able to play through good and constructive ideas before you start. The world moves on and no one can take back the time you could lose if you plan poorly. That is why we attach more importance to the development planning than to the actual implementation. We understand our task as an “opportunity provider” who implements your idea with you, from the mockup to the finished software, which your users love because it makes their life easier.

Respect is not a privilege, but the simplest form of dealing with people.
We are courageous and support our ideas. Because they are our reason of being.
Honesty begins with ourselves. And it doesn't stop at our client.
Determined in achieving the goals. Flexible on the way there.
Communication within the team is a standard value.

Our latest public project

Come "IN 2 see" what we can do for you!

“IN2see” is a new contact portal to bring together private and professional users all over the world, free of charge online in a place called the “World Wide Contact Book”.
The purpose of this platform is to offer users a room (account) from which they can book as well as change/cancel all their appointments quickly, easily and above all, safely and with just 2 clicks.
“IN2see” offers all professional users to promote themselves, their company or association free of charge in the „World Wide Contact Book“ by creating a professional profile about their activity.
“IN2see” offers in addition some professional tools that enable you to integrate your work processes into the existing system.
No matter what activity you pursue, hairdresser, hotel, doctor, restaurant, workshop, association, a.s.o., with “IN2see” anyone can adapt this tool as he needs it to best represent and carry out his activity. The requirements and adaptations to the needs of our customers today are more important than ever. Come and join us in a world that is only 2clicks away!