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General Terms and Conditions

Antosson Group


Description of the system

  1. com provides an online platform (Portal) to simplify the contact and management of relationships between Private and Professional, worldwide and for any person.
  2. To do this, has created a number of reference points that should be known before setting off. The aim of the portal is to simplify the search for a professional contact, as well as making an appointment, buying online, managing etc.
  • In addition, provides a computerised directory called WWCB -World Wide Contact book. The WWCB only contains information about legal entities (Professional Profile/Pro User)
  1. A non-registered user can access the World Wide Contact Book in different ways and with different rights:

3.1 An unregistered user (visitor) can consult the World Wide Contact Book like any other paper or computer directory. They can search by category, country and region (sub-countries). This possibility is free. This type of user will not be able to take any action (e.g. managing appointments, online purchases, management, etc.) on the platform.

3.2 A registered user is a user who will have to create his own account on by registering with only his email address and mobile phone number. A validation e-mail and a validation SMS will be sent to him/her to confirm that his/her data is correct. These data are useful to be able to contact him/her in case of need by After validation, the user will have a user account, with which he/she can perform

3.2.1.actions (e.g. appointment management, online purchases, management, etc.)

3.2.2. and in which he will find access to the WWCB (World Wide Contact book). He/she will be able to benefit from the following services presented in the form of inserts or buttons on the WWCB My appointments: a diary with all appointments requested, accepted, refused etc. Favorite: shortcut to the most used and preferred contacts from the WWCB. Flags: setting of user languages (currently offered: EN/FR/DE/LUX/PT) Pro: This button allows each user (if needed) to join a professional profile in case of partnership, employee, etc., or to create one or more professional profiles for his own account in case of a professional activity. Settings: Allows the user to configure his account according to his needs. Entering the holidays of his country in his diary, currency setting, view setting, format and date and the possibility of activating a 2FA: Double authentication: Double authentication will be used to make his access to the account even more secure. At each login, a password and a validation number will be requested for access. For this purpose, it is important to download an application of your choice on your mobile device in order to receive a new x-digit code at each login.

3.3. The Pro User is a registered user who can create one or more professional profiles to promote himself, his business, his association, etc. in the World Wide Contact Book. To do this, he will have a second dedicated space (PRO) in his basic account. Registration as a Pro user is also free. He can create as many professional profiles as he deems necessary. 

3.4. Registration for a basic Professional Profile will include

3.4.1.Page 1; The choice of sector, field of activity and its specification(s) where it has its activity, the company name, business name, trade register and VAT number, a biography (max 5000 characters with spaces) where the Pro User can inform about its activity, and it can inform if its profile represents a parent company or a subsidiary of another profile 

3.4.2.Page 2; company address information (Google map’s)

3.4.3.Page 3; Phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, e-mail address, furthermore it can inform about additional numbers (e.g. numbers of the secretariat, of the management, ….)

3.4.4.Page 4; Insertion of Logos/Photos (format .svg .jpg .png .gif) max 1MB per photo/logo, languages spoken in its activity (serves to inform the user if the contacted person can understand and answer in its language),

3.4.5. Page 5; Adding the opening hours of his business (regular opening days). Here the Pro user can define if each week has the same opening hours or if he wants to add weeks to change the openings from one week to another. The basic closed days for his activity (public holidays, birthdays…). Exceptional opening days (open days, public holidays….)

3.4.6. Page 6; Now he can submit the registered information.

3.5. As soon as he has entered this information and submitted his data, his advertisement will be visible in the World Wide Contact Book. He can change/adapt this information at any time under the link “Profile” in the Pro User menu.

3.6. Each profile has its own identification under the button This link will be used to guide customers, members, to his ad on other web media, Mail, or to link the contact button of his website directly to his ad.      

  1. Tools

4.1.1.Tools can be acquired only by Pro users to simplify the search for professional contacts as well as appointment setting, online purchase, management etc. to the registered user. These tools are available online and are subject to a fee. The price to be paid per tool is clearly indicated on the Pro user’s profile. Among these paying Tools we can distinguish :

  • Professional Link tools – to advertise to registered users their existing shops or appointment applications, sites, etc. Each Pro user can purchase this professional link tool which will be visible as a separate additional button in their free advertisement in the World Wide Contact Book as described above under 3.3 and 3.4. Appointment and Reservation tool to allow registered users to agree with Pro users on appointments, time/place/cover reservations etc. in the context of appointment management. A Pro user can also, via the agenda of his professional profile, give appointments to users who come to see him live or who phone. In this agenda, he will have a schematic view of his daily/weekly/monthly schedule and he can follow all the details announced below. The Pro user can insert or download all his appointments at any time. This tool gives the Pro user great flexibility. Each Pro user can acquire this appointment and booking tool which will be visible as an additional button in his profile as described above under 3.3 and 3.4.

5. Data collected

5.1. Data collected by the Pro User

5.2. The data of the user account as well as his professional profile(s) as described above under points 3.3 and 3.4. will be stored under his control and sole responsibility in the space reserved for him in the cloud that will host the World Wide Contact Book. He will therefore have permanent access to his data and will be able to modify them as he wishes, subject to what is stated below under point 17.5.

5.3. If an appointment is made as described above under point the Pro User may request additional information from the Registered User for the purpose of providing the services he/she intends to provide. This additional data will remain the exclusive property of the Pro User and will be stored under his control and sole responsibility in the space reserved for him in the cloud that will host the World Wide Contact Book.

5.4. Paid services

5.4.1 With regard to the paid services as described above under point 4, not only the price but also the deadlines by which the price must be paid will be precisely indicated. Payments for the tools must be made when the tool is purchased and on the date of renewal of these ones. The user will of course be informed by e-mail of a possible renewal.  If the Pro user stops paying for one or more of the tools, the services will be automatically terminated on the due date. Consequently, the access buttons will disappear for the registered user.

5.4.2. Each purchase is planned for a period of time to be determined by the buyer (min. monthly e.g. 07.02.20xx to 06.03.20xx). Each tool with its deadlines and payments will be visible separately with its additional options. So a Pro User who has chosen several tools, can renew all of them, just some or none. This is his free choice.

5.4.3. The termination of the contract by either party or as a result of suspension of payments or for any other reason does not terminate the Pro User’s access to the data stored on his space in the cloud, he will still be able to access the data collected during the time his tools were active. However, there will no longer be the possibility to include new information as its registered users will no longer have access to the appointment button or links, originally defined. At the end of the contract as described above, will use reasonable means to allow the Pro User to take back or recover his data. The Pro User agrees to cooperate with IN2see to facilitate this recovery. The costs of reversibility are to be borne by the Pro User.

5.5.Each “Appointment and Reservation tool” contains the possibility to add unlimited appointment types that can be configured by the Pro User according to his/her need and quantity.

5.5.1 IN2see offers three basic types:

5.5.2 “One-to-One Appointment”: for appointments to be agreed upon, with a registered user, at a fixed date, time and duration. This type of appointment can be activated both manually and automatically

5.5.3 “Many-to-One Appointment”: for appointments to be agreed upon, with a registered user, with a fixed date and time but with variable time slots. This type of appointment can be activated manually as well as automatically

5.5.4 “Request” for appointments to be granted by the Pro User. This represents a request for an appointment and the Pro User is expected to respond by indicating a free time in his agenda. This type of appointment always requires the action of the Pro user manually.


  • The appointment types can then be integrated into the Pro user’s scheduler as required. We offer 1 Scheduler per tool “Appointment and Reservation tool” rented.

5.5.6. The Pro user can of course add other schedulers (as an optional extra to be paid) that he wants to use to better manage his organization.

5.5.7.  Each “Appointment and Reservation tool” can also have additional options added to it (for a fee) once the tool is in place: extra schedulers (if needed for internal organization e.g. different people using an online calendar for the same profile) Adding “Scenarios” (these are cues to be defined by the Pro user to guide their user towards a qualitative appointment) Adding “Prepaid” (This allows to ask for a certain amount in advance for a proposed appointment) Adding “Events” (this allows the Pro user to announce an event which he can manage from the same application in detail)

5.5.8.the possibility is offered to the Pro users to receive from the registered users a request for an appointment with a deposit to ensure that the latter will respect his appointment. This service is an option of the “Appointment and reservation tool” and as such will be subject to a fee under the conditions set out in the following points and in point 7. of these general conditions.

5.5.9. For this purpose of deposit, the registered users will make a payment of an amount determined by the Pro user as well as a commission determined by, through the payment platform, which will be transferred to the account of at the Banque Internationale in Luxembourg.

5.5.10. The registered user is free to cancel the appointment up to 24 hours before the date and time set for the appointment.

5.5.11. If the Registered User cancels the appointment with the Pro User before this 24 hour period, the money will be refunded to the Registered User’s account within 24 hours.

5.5.12. If the Registered User cancels the appointment with the Pro User after this 24 hour period, the deposit will be forfeited to the Pro User and will be transferred as explained under the following point.

  • The Pro user is free to transfer the deposit to the Registered User for commercial reasons. However, the commission will be retained by
  • It should be pointed out that the amount of the deposit minus the commission of will be transferred to the account of the Pro user. From here he can make the payment himself to a bank account introduced by him.
  1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions for TOOLs

6.1. The Pro User and the Registered User shall have accepted these General Terms and Conditions in accordance with Luxembourg law by clicking the box “General Terms and Conditions accepted”.

6.2. The Pro User will have accepted the specific and particular conditions of the various TOOLs he/she has acquired by clicking the box “TOOL operation understood and accepted” and by paying the price which will be clearly displayed in his/her shopping cart.

  1. Management of the deposit made by the registered users.

7.1. It will be up to the Pro User to decide whether the security deposit made by a Registered User as described in 5.8 et seq. will be retained by the Pro User, simply returned to the Registered User or charged against the invoice issued or to be issued by the Pro User to be paid by the Registered User.

7.2. In any case, in case of disagreement of the Registered User with the use made of his deposit by the Pro user, he will have no recourse against Indeed, it is considered that the contract will be formed between the Pro User and the Registered User. The provision of the guarantee deposit functionalities by cannot give rise to a contract between the Registered User and in its capacity as operator of the World Wide Contact Book.

  1. Use of the data

8.1. will use the data transmitted by Registered Users and Pros Users in accordance with the objectives of the World Wide Contact Book as described above under articles 1. and 2.

8.2 will not make any other use of the data provided and will not sell, assign or transfer to any other commercial or non-commercial operator, online or offline, competitor or not, the data collected from registered users.

  1. Accuracy of the data provided

9.1. Both Registered and Pro Users agree to provide with accurate and reliable data.

  • However, does not give any guarantee and does not take any responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by either the Pro Users or the Registered Users, neither towards the Registered Users nor towards the Pro Users. Indeed, the purpose of the World Wide Contact Book is to create an easy-to-access and easy-to-use directory and not to provide qualitative or quantitative monitoring or verification services.
  1. Services for adults only
    • The services offered by and the data contained in the databases on which the World Wide Contact Book is based are reserved for adults only.
  1. Exclusion in case of abuse
  • Registered Users and Pro Users who violate the following provisions shall be excluded from using the World Wide Contact Book without further procedure:

11.1.1. Pro Users offering to sell illegal substances or goods which are not freely available (sale of weapons, sale of pharmaceutical products, sale of hallucinogenic products, sale of drugs etc.)

  • Pro users who use the World Wide Contact Book to promote the provision of illicit and/or illegal services (prostitution, mercenary work etc.)

11.1.3. Pro users who have posted offers that are incompatible with the all-public nature of the World Wide Contact Book

  • Pro Users who have posted inappropriate content will also be excluded from using the World Wide Contact Book without further procedure. The following are considered inappropriate content:
  • content, services or goods that directly or indirectly promote the expression or propagation of messages calling for religious intolerance, racial hatred, discrimination on the basis of political opinion, race, membership of a specific ethnic group or community, and all forms of gender discrimination;
  • content that promotes the consumption of products for which advertising is legally regulated or prohibited by law (e.g. sale of tobacco, sale of alcohol, sale of pharmaceutical or parapharmaceutical products), if the advertisements do not comply with the legal or regulatory framework established in the country of residence or domicile of the Pro user, in the country of residence or domicile of the registered user or in the country of domicile of
  • Content that promotes the consumption of products or services for which the Pro user needs specific legal or regulatory authorization to sell in the country where the service is offered or the good is sold, unless the Pro user can prove that he/she has such a legal or regulatory authorization or that the advertisement complies with the legal or regulatory framework set in the Pro user’s country of residence or domicile;
  • pornographic content or content that is totally disproportionate to the goods or services offered by the Pro User who placed the ad.
  • The exclusion will be done, by electronic means, at the sole discretion of after having duly notified the Pro user of the reasons for the decision.
  1. Exclusion of liability
    • In view of the services offered by, the operators of the World Wide Contact Book do not guarantee in any way whatsoever to registered users:
    • the quality of the goods and services offered or sold by the Pro Users;

12.3. that the Pro User listed in the World Wide Contact Book has the legal and regulatory authorisations in the country from which it offers the goods and services or in the country in which the User or Registered User intends to enjoy or use the goods and services offered by the Pro User;

12.4. For the reasons set out in Article 8 above, the operators of the World Wide Contact Book do not guarantee the creditworthiness of Pro Users and Registered Users.

  1. Location of accounts and payment transactions

13.1. The accounts of are held at the Banque Internationale in Luxembourg.

13.2. The working days and working hours will be fixed only for the banks in Luxembourg.

  1. Money transfers

14.1 Value date

14.2. Time limits for transfers

14.3. Bank charges

14.4 Fees and taxes in client country

  1. Free access

15.1 It is understood that access to the basic services, both by users, registered users and Pro users, is free of charge, apart from the chargeable services listed above under points 3.3 and 3.4 and more generally in these general conditions. However, this does not apply to any fees, taxes or other disbursements incurred by Users, Registered Users and Pro Users to access the Internet or mobile networks.

15.2. Commissions for TOOLs

15.3. The amount of the commission, due under the provisions of point 3.4. is xx euros or xx%.

15.4. The commission is due upon payment by the registered user and is independent of whether the registered user will keep the appointment or not. The fee is used to cover the costs of the Banque Internationale in Luxembourg and the electronic payment system “stripe” ( and the service offered by

15.5. Complaints if there are any discrepancies with the customer shall be handled directly by the Pro User with the Registered User.

  1. VAT and other taxes
  2. Data backup and server location

17.1.  Data collected from Registered Users and Pro Users is stored on servers located in Ireland at AWS Amazon Web Services and this is redundant (duplicated) on servers also located in Ireland. The above mentioned servers are protected from malicious intrusion and data theft by and under the responsibility of AWS Amazon Web Services.

17.2. therefore undertakes all necessary measures to ensure the continuity of its services to users, Registered Users and Pro Users.

17.3.  In the event that the data of Registered Users is lost due to the fact that the services offered are free of charge, Registered Users will not be able to claim damages from

17.4.  In the event that a Pro User’s data is lost due to impossibility, the damages that Pro Users may claim are limited to the reimbursement of commissions received by since the loss of the data as well as the reimbursement of the security deposits made by the Registered Users for the benefit of the Pro User whose data has been lost.

17.5. is not liable if the Users, Registered Users or Pro Users do not have access to the Internet or mobile networks in their country of residence or place of residence. This also applies if the Internet access to the mobile network is unreachable, defective or only intermittently available in their country or place of residence.

17.6. uses a ticketing system.

  1. Termination of services

18.1. reserves the right to terminate either the paid services or the entire platform unilaterally and without justification while respecting an appropriate notice period.


18.2.  In this case, IN2see will liquidate the assets it may still hold for the benefit of the Pro users and will return any payments made by the Pro users to benefit from services on a pro rata temporis basis.

  1. Impossibility to operate due to an act of God or in case of force majeure
    • In the event that is technically or materially unable to provide the services to which the Pro Users and Registered Users have subscribed by accepting these General Conditions, due to force majeure, including the direct or indirect effects of a pandemic, or due to an act of God, the Registered Users and Pro Users will not be able to claim the provision of the services, under constraint, under penalty or by any other legal means. In such cases, will be relieved of all responsibility.
    • Force majeure is also considered to be the legal fact(s) that make(s) the provision of the services impossible or too expensive, taking into account the increase in costs to which will be subject as a result of force majeure or the act of God.
  2. Intellectual property
    • Logos and trademarks of are duly protected.
    • Pro Users shall take all necessary steps to protect their own logos, trademarks or other elements of industrial or artistic intellectual property that they place online through the World Wide Contact Book.
    • Given the nature of the operations, cannot be held responsible for any use of the intellectual, industrial or artistic property elements put online by Pro Users.
  3. Personal data processing and cookies
    • IN2see and the users of the platform undertake to comply with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of privacy and electronic communications of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data).
    • The processing of personal data for the purpose of using or in connection with the Platform and the Tools as described in these GTC is done in accordance with the [Company name] data protection policy (add hyperlink). Each user may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, opposition or deletion of his/her data in accordance with the conditions set out in this document.
  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • The courts of Luxembourg City, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising from the services offered by to users, registered users and Pro users. By application of article 2 paragraph 4 of the law of 14 August 2000, as subsequently modified, Luxembourg law will be the only law applicable to the exclusion of any other law.
  • Pro users, users and registered users shall have accepted this clause on applicable law and competent jurisdiction by clicking the box accepting the general conditions as provided for in article 5 of these general conditions.