Antosson IT Soultions has specialized in software creation for more than 20 years and offers companies all types of complete solutions: consultancy, analysis, study, implementation, training.

Antosson IT Solutions

  • Provides a very flexible and less complicated workflow.

  • The clearer you define your goals, the quicker we can advise you.

  • Together, we realize your ideas and help you start your project!

We accompany you from the pilot study to the final project by proposing the following workflow

  • Pilot Study: definition of the project basis (ideas, expectations) with an approximative estimate of the costs of your project

  • Audit: audit of your IT structure, creation of a mock-up, advisory services

  • Management: any kind of authorizations, certifications related to your project

  • Organization: organization of the workflow of your project

  • Development: development with the follow through

  • Testing and controlling: control and acceptance of the work and testing of the applications

Pilot study

When we get in contact with a new client, we define first of all in a personal meeting the basis of the future project, analysing the ideas and expectations of our client as well as the feasibility of it. This enables us to assess an approximative amount of the projects’ costs.

Audit – Mock-up – Advisory services: in an environment of escalating IT security threats, data quality issues, corporate governance concerns and privacy legislations, organizations need to ensure, more than ever, the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information and the underlying systems. Work processes rely on information systems that must be properly deployed, monitored, and controlled. Antosson IT-Development can help you mitigate the risks associated with your internal systems, business processes, projects, applications and data. Before starting a project, together with our clients we develop a mock-up of the project to create. This allows both us and our client to see the different steps, to determine which features are important and can be realized regarding the clients’ budget and how the application is best to be built up.

We know that new projects, new ideas often fail because they have not been adequately discussed before they have been published. Leave nothing to chance, neither your project nor the costs involved. A project or a good idea can quickly run out of control if one doesn’t know all the factors and use them correctly. Together with you, we work out an audit which enables you to put your project in a different light.  Once we know what you need and how you want to use it in the future, we can give an approximate estimate of the whole project. Then it’s up to you to define how you want to use ” Antosson IT-Development ”.

Custom & Web application development

We offer a full-cycle application development from your inital idea to product design and development. From simple online applications to complete corporate solutions, “Antosson IT-Development” offers a full range of services, including consulting, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. We have web application development expertise in a range of technologies, for IOS- Android including Java, C# – PHP-(incl. Drupal), HTML/HTML5 and JavaScript, Silverlight. With profound knowledge in various domains as well as great experience in web application projects, our teams design and deliver solutions that allow you get the advantage of various opportunities on the web:

  • Rich and dynamic web User Interface

  • Compatibility with different previous browser versions (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari)

  • State-of-the-art design

Desktop application development

Enjoy the advantage of desktop applications that provide security, control and reliability. Antosson IT-Development uses up-to-date technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and efficient desktop applications, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning systems

  • Financial management systems

  • Human capital management systems

  • Document management systems

  • Corporate and personal planning systems

  • Invoicing solutions

  • and others

Having deep industry knowledge and technical experience, our teams develop applications that reduce complexity of your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity. “Antosson IT-Development” bases its work on the latest technologies and platforms, including .NET, .NET WPF, Java, SWING. Our certified teams design and develop desktop applications with:

  • Cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

  • Full access to local hardware and resources

  • Security assurance

Testing & controlling

Each application, project or program developed by “Antosson IT-Development” is subject to several tests to determine the quality and functionality of the finished product (compatibility of the features, layout…). Our controlling team designs and accompanies the management process of defining goals, planning and controlling and thus has a joint responsibility to reach the objectives both fixed by the client and “Antosson IT-Development”. We are proud that every product developed by “Antosson IT-Development” has been designed individually according to the clients’ specific needs.


Security has become a very important word in a global networking environment. On behalf of our clients, we check their entire networks as well as all platforms and then explain to them where and what should be improved. One hundred percent safety does not exist yet we all strive and want to make the world as safe as possible.

These services are strongly dependant on time and knowledge and the price can therefore only be determined after knowing the clients’ projects.

At the clients’ request, “Antosson IT-Development” is testing his website, applications, programs etc. to discover possible security flaws.


Based on the clients’ ideas and requirements, we assess an approximative amount of the projects’ costs.

At the bottom of this page, you find a breakdown of what our estimate is made of. Thus “Antosson IT-Development” ensures complete transparency of its pricing policy contrary to other companies.